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The innovative designs of these curtain brackets also helps in adding a neat & sophisticated look to the surroundings. Some of its features include exclusive designs and high quality finish, matching up with the fashionable tastes of customers, superior polished finish that provides for high finish appeal, also available in other design options to choose from. Sizes: 4" 20 dia, 4" 25 dia,6" 20 dia, 6" 25 dia

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Staright Brackets

Curtain brackets are used for supporting curtain rods which inturn holds the curtain in place. Our curtain brackets are manufactured with virgin high quality plastics and is tough durable and impact resistant. Sizes available:20 & 25

Cap Bush

Cap Bushes are the type of plastic bushes used in the furniture industry to cap the end of the furniture made with steel and aluminium pipes. Made from Virgin plastics our cap bushes are tough durable and impact resistant. Sizes available:20,25 and 30

Curtain Ring

A curtain ring is a small clip designed to hold a curtain in place. As their principal purpose is to hold up curtains of all types including shower curtains. Sizes available:1,1,25,1,5,2

Curtain Tie Hook

If you want to be able to pull curtains to the side for more light or a snoopy, formal look, tiebacks are the answer. They’re also a nice way to showcase a view. Colors:Brown,Ivory